The Age of Self-Love

The Reflection

It has been a rough couple of years here in Earth School. For many people, multiple areas of life are up for grabs — career, health, relationships, finances. Personal bandwidth is operating at an all-time low… and frankly, what it takes to thrive seems far away and rapidly shifting.

In our current culture, productivity is valued over all else. But from where (inside) are we doing all the doing? Who we are being is often overshadowed in the name of productivity. Our worth is automatically tied to two things: 1) how much we do and 2) what we do. That double pressure sets up and reinforces a mentality of conditional acceptance of self (and others) located outside of ourselves. The measuring stick is found in modern praise metrics such as, ‘likes’ and ‘follows’.

I believe a great transformation around what we value is well underway. The intensity of the last couple of years is reshuffling the priority deck for many. Learning to love yourself in practice, not just theory, is the medicine of the moment.

More than a decade ago, I was talking to a friend about what felt like the emergence of “a new way of being” on the planet… a way of valuing people that isn’t defined by what they can do for us. Knowing that our value is intrinsic — that it can’t be earned or measured by numbers and norms — is part of this shift. And here we are! This new way of being is finally arriving.

So… How are we being with and to one another? Let’s make the most of this new way of being by doing the inner work that will allow us to be more loving to ourselves and, therefore, more loving to each other.

Let’s Practice

Let’s take this on together. Join me for a deep dive into learning to love yourself. Contact me today to join my ongoing Loving Yourself 6-week group program. Because we learn best through experience and in the presence of like-hearted others, come ready to participate and lean into the opportunity to level up your lived experience.