Approach to Care

My style offers a blend of compassion, creativity, humor, insight, and spirituality. As an experienced explorer on my own path, I can relate to the challenges of the human journey we all face. Most of us are searching for meaning and purpose. We’re hungry for authentic relationships. We want to live in alignment with who we really are.

Reconnecting Body, Mind, and Spirit

white swan with geeseThrough a truly integrative approach to your care—one that appreciates our human complexity and connects body, mind, and spirit—you’ll find a safe place where you’ll be seen, heard, and understood. That means you’ll discover how living from embodied presence brings forth new choices and shifts that help you resolve your issues and create lasting change in your life.

Setting You Up for Success

When we learn to interact in ways that are more harmonious, kind, and compassionate, we’re better able to take in the good around us. And by consciously absorbing the positive experiences of each day, we generate even more success, healthy interactions, and improved quality of life.

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Get Started

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