Avenues For Inner Work

When you participate in programs through Avenues For Inner Work™, you become part of an authentic community of like-minded clinicians who value inner work as a way to grow professionally.

Experiential Inner Work for Contemporary Mental Health Practitioners

bamboo along path | Copyright 2016 Patricia BellenoPursuing your own personal growth across the trajectory of your career helps you stay excited about your work, create a sustainable work/life balance, avoid burnout, and support yourself and your colleagues in the profession.

How You Benefit from Inner Work

Doing inner work allows us to guide others from a more authentic place that’s grounded in our own lived experience. We grow in meaningful ways when we:

  • Gain more awareness of ourselves and how we relate to others
  • Transform our triggers and perceptions
  • Engage in life from our authentic self as the center of our power and authority
  • Become a therapeutic presence in our work with others

Whether you prefer workshops, retreats, spiritual growth programs, one-on-one collaboration, groups, or other educational opportunities, personal growth as a mental health professional builds a solid foundation for your practice, your profession, and your life.

Programs from Avenues For Inner Work™

As your best resource for personal and professional growth experiences, Avenues For Inner Work offers a variety of opportunities.

Get started today with one or more of the following: