Programs for Professionals

Expand your professional development in one- and two-day personal growth, experiential workshops through Avenues for Inner Work™ — designed for mental health practitioners at any level of experience. Learn to be a safe container for the deep inner work of others by experiencing it yourself.

Blooming_Flowers_HDTV_Wallpapers_laba.wsGrow as a clinician. In addition to the academic credentials we all need as professionals, benefitting from doing personal inner work is a vital part of being a great clinician. Nothing replaces wisdom—which is only earned through personal experience.

Gain confidence in your ability to help others. When you participate in Avenues For Inner Work™ programs for professionals, you:

  • Build empathy and attunement by experiencing what it’s like to go to the places you ask your clients to explore
  • Uncover and heal your blind spots and triggers, so you’ll be more skilled at navigating transference and counter-transference issues as they inevitably arise with clients
  • Learn and apply practical skills and tools based in neuroscience to manage stress and emotional regulation
  • Generate self-compassion, loving kindness, and mindfulness practices to embody self-care and prevent burnout
  • Explore personal and professional boundaries to strengthen communication and ensure ethical practice
  • Cultivate embodied presence and fortify your ability to remain regulated when difficult material arises for you and your clients