What Participants Say…

“An intimate workshop setting to encourage personal growth and reflection. It deepened my understanding of myself.”

sunflower | Copyright 2016 Patricia Belleno“This weekend was full of supportive experiences that benefitted my personal journey.”

“Coming into this experience, I was both curious and nervous, and what I found was the opportunity to be vulnerable in a safe space and experience inner work at a level I’ve never had before in years of personal work.”

“Patricia is a highly skilled experiential leader who guides participants on their path to personal discovery and growth, while carefully weaving in exercises and discussions that inspire profound self-reflection.”

“What an amazing workshop! This workshop offers excellent information and experiential exercises for greater insight, as well as the opportunity to be a better therapist.”

“This workshop offers essential self-awareness tools for building resilience to anyone who has chosen a path of caring for and guiding others.”

“Such a safe and inviting place to return to. My feelings of belonging never failed to show up, no matter my mood upon arrival or the events of the day.”

“This workshop really takes the concept of the shadow and brings it to life! Patricia’s wisdom and compassion for this work shines through in all the sessions.”

“I feel like I’m finally starting to discover my authentic self and to let it be seen.”

“Being around other therapists committed to their own personal growth and inner work is essential to my development. It has truly been a gift, a missing piece in my practice.”

“I am able to dig deep and do the inner work I need to do to really show up for my clients—and myself. This type of inner work for therapists is taking self-care in the mental health profession to where it needs to be. I highly recommend Patricia’s programs to any and all therapists looking to take their practices, and their lives, to the next level.”

“I am a clinician of 20 years, and this is the first time I have pursued personal work in a group setting. I was excited and apprehensive when I began and, since, have embraced the process wholly. I feel I am a better clinician because of it. Thanks, Patricia!!!”

“A beautiful, wonderful experience from so many perspectives. I was given the opportunity and gift of connecting with self, other participants, and the horses.”

“This [Equine Experience] workshop was an amazing way to tap into our authentic selves, while trusting the process and feeling a deep sense of connection to others.”

“This [Equine Experience] workshop fell into my lap at a time in my life when I had lost my passion. I was dry spiritually. After the experiences with the horses and sharing with the other participants, I have reconnected with my authentic self and regained my sense of hope.”

“The love you have for the horses, inner work, and authentic connection truly shined. I’m grateful for a renewed sense of self and connection to nature. Thank you for such a beautiful experience!”